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The 4 Rare Traits To Look for in a Coding Bootcamp Teacher

Not every great software developer can be a great programming teacher. The same introverted traits that benefit many coders are cancer in a classroom.

If you’re shopping for a coding bootcamp you should look for the following rare character strengths in your instructors:

1. Are they clear? Can they explain complex concepts using simple language and concrete metaphors?

2. Are they patient? Will they work with you slowly during times you are struggling to grasp the material?

3. Are they practical? Do they believe in a learn-by-doing teaching model? Can they connect Computer Scene theory to what you’ll experience at a real job?

4. Are they humorous? (This trait is the most overlooked, most rare, and perhaps most important). Can they dissolve your anxiety and frustration by creating a light classroom atmosphere?

Those are the 4 uncommon traits Coder Foundry looks for when we hire instructors.

Charles Li, Coder Foundry - New York

Charles Li, Coder Foundry - New York

We are proud to announce that after an extensive search, we've brought on a new lead instructor for our New York campus, Charles Li. 

Our new team member is both an experienced professional developer and a university professor who typifies the qualities that make a great bootcamp instructor.

Please join us in welcoming Charles Li to Coder Foundry!

Charles has taught over 1000 Computer Science students at the university level. His student reviews prove that he is the perfect choice to help you learn how to be a professional programmer during our 18 and 12 week programs:

Read a sample of his reviews for yourself:

Charles Li is Clear:

“This professor is very clear on the kind of work that he asks of you and teaches you life lessons that are very important for your future success.”
“He is a great professor - he is very clear in explanation. The class is easy - you follow instructions and you are allowed to use data from previous work.”
“No need to kill yourself in the text book. Just show up for all classes, do all your labs, pay attention to his explanations.”

Charles Li is Patient

“Very patient, nice and generous. He takes his time to explain things”
“He gives so much freedom and lets you be creative. He's on the students’ side and will do whatever he can to help”


Charles Li is Practical

“He teaches a lot about practical life experiences. I would highly recommend him.”
“He is a good professor. He is very organized and well prepared for his classes. In his class, you will practice a lot of web programming including homework as well as class work.”


Charles Li is Humorous

“Great professor. Without him this class would have been super boring.”
“He is totally helpful and has a great sense of humor. The class time goes fast in his class!”
“I was excited to go to all his classes and he’s hilarious”
“His method of teaching is quite defined. Though he cracks a joke once in awhile, he tries to keep the students up and working.”


Want to meet Charles Li and tour Coder Foundry's New York campus?

Charles is teaching a series of free coding classes during the rest of December. Join our Meetup group to get alerts about each class..



While you're there, ask us about our learning model, job placement services, and what it means to have a career as a .NET developer.