Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coder Foundry?

Coder Foundry is a development bootcamp that teaches people to code and gives them the foundations necessary for a life-long career. Upon completion of this course, we provide job placement services to each graduate to launch their coding career.

How are you going to teach me to program in eighteen weeks?

Our curriculum is designed with more than just programming in mind. This means that the scope of learning will be both broad and deep, and both lessons and projects will relate and apply to aspects outside of programming and coding. You will be amazed at what you will discover and learn.

Am I going to be sitting in class for forty hours a week?

Listening to lectures and reading from books is important, but it can only teach you so much. At Coder Foundry, we spend a little time sitting in class and a lot of time doing. Most of your time will be spent working in pairs and teams, practicing what you’ve learned in class through problem-solving, designing, and building. In fact, if you have ideas about creative directions you’d like to take, we’d love to hear and develop them. This course is meant for you to create your own path, not follow one someone else has already found!

Will you help me find a job?

Yes, absolutely. From the first day, you will work with our full time recruiting officer to find the right fit and right company for you. Then, at graduation, we line up interviews so you can get that dream job. Click here to learn more about our job placement services.

Do you offer any accreditation?

In today’s job market, companies are looking for innovators who display their knowledge by proving themselves, not by relying on an accreditation. So that’s what we offer; knowledge and preparation, not formal accreditation.

What will we do?

While this program is intensive and will require a lot of work, we guarantee you will have fun and learn along the way. Mentors will guide you through activities and problem-solving activities. You will develop friendships and working relationships with your cohorts, as they are the ones beside you along the way. The skills you learn along the way, and connections you make, will carry with you far beyond this twelve-week course.

If I am already a programmer, how would I benefit from this class?

If you already have professional development experience, you are ready for the twelve-week, Accelerated Full-Stack, Immersive Programming Class. This class will allow you to discover programming languages far beyond what you already know. A versatile applicant who is dedicated to furthering their knowledge base is always more desirable to employers.

How hard is the Full-Stack, Immersive Programming Class?

Our Full-Stack, Immersive Programming Class features a rigorous curriculum, but it is equally enriching, rewarding, and even fun! We promise to make it as beneficial as possible, and have mentors there to guide you through it. Your future career will thank you for doing this!

Is it really eighteen weeks?

Yes. Each of our eighteen weeks have a dedicated curriculum to cover, so that by the end, you will graduate with the skills you need to find a rewarding job. Our Full-Stack, Immersive Programming Class should be considered a full-time job for the the next eighteen weeks.

Can I take the 3 week immersive Xamarin class separately?

Absolutely. For those already well versed in C# we do offer an immersive 3 week course in which you will join other students for a deep dive into this cutting edge technology.  

Does Coder Foundry take a percentage of my income when I get a job?

Absolutely not. You keep your full salary.

Why is Coder Foundry doing this?

We’ve noticed and experienced a gap in education and available programming candidates. We believe we can do something about this and are committed to making sure this change happens.

How much does it cost?

Tuition for our eighteen-week, Full-Stack Immersive Programming Class is $13,900.

Tuition for our twelve-week, Full-Stack Accelerated Programming Class is $9,900.

Financing is available through Skills Fund for those who qualify.

What does the application process look like?

Here's what you can expect:

  • First, you'll fill out an application online.
  • Once your application is submitted, you will hear back from us within a week.
  • If you are selected for an interview, you will schedule one with us via email.
  • Once your interview is complete, you will hear back from us within two business days with a decision.
  • If accepted must pay your tuition in full before the first day of class

How can I apply?

Click here to begin a pre-application.

What is going to be asked in the interview?

The interview is mainly to ensure that you know what’s expected of you and of us. Make sure we know that this is your passion and you should do just fine.

Why are you teaching Microsoft technologies when all the other camps are teaching Ruby?

To get you that job! There is a high demand across the country for .NET developers, so that means that more jobs are available for candidates with a foundation built upon .NET technologies. For us that is the point; to launch you into your next career opportunity. You will learn very quickly that most of what Coder Foundry teaches is about teaching you how to solve problems, irrespective of a specific technology choice. We believe that programming is more about solutions than a specific technology. For more information, read our Why .NET? article here.

Why not an open source platform like Ruby, Python, or PHP?

Open source projects are great. Currently, .NET is in great demand in the industry. At Coder Foundry, you will learn open source projects like Bootstrap, AngularJS, and more. In addition, we will teach you to solve problems beyond the scope of a single technology. Our mentors and staff are committed to making sure you’re well prepared for the awaiting job market. For more information, read our Why .NET? article here.

Will what I learn be applicable to other languages like Java or iOS?

While Java and C# are very similar in their basic syntax, the frameworks are completely different. Our program will also teach you programming principles that should be applicable to most languages and platforms. We strive to teach you the skills that you can apply to almost any programming situation.