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Three Reasons Why You Should Learn C#

Are you interested in becoming a professional coder? This is a great time to explore your dream, because so many rewarding and well-paying jobs are available to qualified applicants.

Before you apply for that position, though, make sure you know C#.

C# is the "mother language" of the .NET initiative, and it's crucial for you to learn it if you're serious about entering the world of corporate coding. Here are some reasons why C# is indispensable:

  • Industry standard: The European Computer Manufacturers' Association (EMCA) ratified this language as an industry standard back in 2001, and it's now on its way to becoming the golden standard in the programming industry. Most corporations in America program with this language, so knowledge of it will serve you well during your job hunt.
  • Better than Java, C + and C++: When Microsoft developed C# it took the best aspects of previous languages while changing confusing or inefficient elements. The result was C#, an impressive, object-oriented language with a conspicuous absence of bugs and memory leaks
  • Intuitive: This language was built to be streamlined and relatively simple, so it isn't difficult for individuals with prior coding experience to pick it up. It's an extremely intuitive system, which makes it a joy to learn and use.

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