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3 Surprising (And Depressing) Facts About Computer Science Degrees

Recently the largest ever survey of programmers was conducted by Stack Overflow, the premiere Q&A site in the software development industry. 

Stack Overflow compiled responses from over 50,000 developers, and what they found out about earning a Computer Science degrees surprised many people.


Surprise #1: Most Programmers Do Not Have A Computer Science Degree 

Only 34% of programmers have a Computer Science degree, according to the survey. If you line up 10 random programmers, you’ll find that only 3 or 4 of them studied programming in college. 

The rest? They learned how to code some other way, outside of the college system.

So, if you’re interested in Coder Foundry, but worried that an employer won’t hire you because you didn’t study programming in college, just know that most of their current dev team had the same start as you!


Surprise #2: Less and Less Programmers Have a Computer Science Degree

The Washington Post spoke with Stack Overflow to dig deeper into the numbers. Their reporter found that that the share of programmers with a Computer Science degree has decreased by 3% since last year.

We suspect that number will continue to go down as more and more people discover the bootcamp model of learning to code.

At a traditional university you learn outdated technology and receive a minimal amount of hands-on coding experience. 

However, at Coder Foundry you graduate with:

  • Over 600 hours of backend and front-end coding experience
  • Hands-on experience with cutting edge, in-demand technologies
  • 4 professional-grade applications for your portfolio
  • Weekly coding interviews and job preparation services

Traditional colleges cannot compete with the value a coding bootcamp gives you. Which takes us to the biggest surprise of all...


Surprise #3: Coding Bootcamp Graduates Earn More Than Computer Science Graduates

Yes, bootcamp grads beat everyone and.earn more.

According to the Washington Post, graduates of bootcamps score higher salaries than people with Computer Science degrees and much earn more than programmers who are self-trained.


The article speculates it’s because bootcamps provide you with job placement services. At Coder Foundry, this is certainly true. We have a full-time recruiting staff, led by Natosha Sanders whose job it is to find you a perfect fit employment.

The trend is clear. Coding bootcamps are becoming the standard method smart and ambitious people use to break into the software development industry. Today these results are surprising. Five year from now it will all be old news.

Interested in how Coder Foundry's program works? Request our syllabus from our homepage.