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Four Reasons AngularJS Should Be The Next Web Framework You Should Learn

Are you looking for software coding classes to take you to the next level in your career as a programmer? Join the Coder Foundry's Master Class, a 12-week intensive computer boot camp, and we'll teach you the skills you need to enter this growing industry.

We'll also groom you for your employment search and help place you in a position that professionally challenges and satisfies you. At the Coder Foundry, we focus on a few languages, the knowledge of which will make you the most desirable and qualified candidate in the job market.

Among these are AngularJS, a fantastic and versatile JavaScript framework. Here some of its main benefits: 

  1. Build systems more quickly - AngularJS has both the ng-model and ng-class directives, which makes completing a number of operations much easier. 
  2. Encourage collaboration - AngularJS makes sharing between developers easy, which helps programmers work together on joint projects and share solutions.
  3. Improve testability - The dependency injection at the heart of AngularJS makes the platform exceedingly easy to test, which is a conscientious practice we value highly at the Coder Foundry.
  4. Create maintainable systems - When you code by watching a model you start to use object-oriented design principles that make the software easier to maintain. 

All in all, AngularJS is a fantastic way to extend your HTML language for dynamic and readable applications.

There are plenty of languages and programs available to learn, and this can be confusing for coders who don't know where to go next. At the Coder Foundry, we stay abreast of the latest industry news and trends, so our professional team always knows how to guide you.

Our staff fosters relationships with companies all over the East Coast, so we can give you exactly what you need to be the most qualified prospective employee on the market.