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All About Github

The Coder Foundry Master Class is a 12-week coding bootcamp for individuals who have some prior knowledge of computers. This is the perfect course for both the programmer who wants to move up the career ladder and the amateur coder who recently graduated high school. If you want to begin a lifelong career as a professional coder, then we can help.

At the Coder Foundry, we'll guide you while you gain an intimate understanding of the most prevalent programs in the business. This industry is constantly changing, which makes it both interesting and challenging. There are so many options out there, but we are in touch with what employers are looking for now, and we'll help you become their most desirable candidate.

From day one at our course you'll be storing your work on Github, which is the largest code host in the world with over 15.6 million repositories. We've found Github to be an invaluable tool, and we're excited for you to get to know it and eventually master its intricacies.

This is where the code that you build in lab every day will live, and this is where future employers will be able to access your impressive final portfolio. Github allows for collaborative code review, teamwork and remote mobile access. It's truly the best home for your work and we are excited to introduce you to it.

If you live in North Carolina and want to be qualified to fill the latest highly paid programming jobs, apply for the Master Class at the Coder Foundry. We'll help you get prepared by teaching you everything you need to know and giving you guidance throughout your job search. We're so confident in our program that if you don't get hired, your tuition is on us.