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Alumni Spotlight: Hugh Jones

Though the majority of our students pass through our doors in order to brush up their skill set and get back out into the work force, there are always one or two in every cohort that have big plans and ideas that they want to attack head-on. One of these exceptions-to-the-rule is recent Coder Foundry alum (and all-around nice guy!), Hugh Jones.

We sat down exclusively with Hugh to talk a little bit about his background, his motivation for coming to Coder Foundry, and his exciting new business/passion, Libreworx.

Tell us about your background, maybe a little bit about what your career has entailed up to this point?  

At a glance:  Educated at Furman and UNC-Chapel Hill, run two businesses, husband of 31 years, proud father to three grown girls.

What inspired you to seek out coding bootcamps? How did you find out about Coder Foundry, and what were your initial impressions of the “bootcamp model” of education? Did you look into any other bootcamps before choosing CF?  

I located Coder Foundry while looking at several San Francisco-based programs. Coder Foundry's focus on business applications, and the North Carolina location were major factors in my decision. The "12-week, hands-on" model fit me personally, and I enjoyed the "learn while doing" style of the course work.

What was your experience like at Coder Foundry?  

It was absolutely first class. The staff’s integrity drips from its leadership, everyone is really great here. The technology taught is bleeding-edge, and I couldn't have asked for much more.

Tell us about the company that you are beginning, LibreWorx?  

LibreWorx is to be built on my life work: a firm designed to strategically meet the needs of my clients, while encouraging staff to become engaged, valuable members of the workforce supporting themselves, and their families. It will be an IT company specializing in software development for small to medium sized organizations, tackling specialized projects that are outside the typical Web/App environment. I see it as something that will allow a firm to complete a short-term project/need without the in-house staffing overhead. 

LibreWorx's advantage will that we will use the latest technology, coupled with structural changes in the industry that allow small firms to leave a big footprint.  I ultimately see us with 4-5 staff members; we will write a better story, serve with a purpose that helps us get up each day, be supported in our successes and failures, and turn our failings into a reason to care.  My vision is a vibrant community working together with great technology to deliver solutions that surprise and delight our customers.

Where did the idea for starting this new business come from?  

My desire for a challenge, and to really change lives in a thriving industry. I have always been something of an entrepreneur, and now it seems like it is time to take things in an exciting new direction. 

Do you believe that your experience at Coder Foundry has shaped, or had any sort of fundamental role in preparing you to launch Libreworx?  

Coder Foundry has created a focus and drive that cannot be obtained individually, which is priceless. It has educated me on technologies that will allow me to serve a narrow, yet growing section of the IT marketplace:, MVC, AngularJS, over hosted and cloud-based services.

Do you have any advice for individuals in situations similar to yours: that are considering going to bootcamp to help them launch a new business rather than just get a job?  

After considering your talents and passion, there is nothing better you could do for yourself, your family, and your community than to take twelve weeks at a bootcamp like CF.   What will the world miss if you don’t fully explore an opportunity like this.  

Any final thoughts that you would like to share about Coder Foundry, entrepreneurship, or your career journey in general?  

We now live in the connection economy.  Traditionally safe careers are now dead ends.  Coder Foundry offers you a chance to spend a quarter of a year jumpstarting your world to be able to do whatever you want to do.  Most people settle for unhappy, and the  myth that they are secure.  Coder Foundry offered me a window into a chance to live a better story. If you are up for the challenge, this is the place to do it.

Though the majority of our students do not share Hugh's goals of entrepreneurship, our program is able to flex and adapt to most any relevant career goals that our students have. Whether you're wanting to start your own firm, become a consultant, or get placed back into the corporate world as an in-house developer, all sorts of options are available to you through Coder Foundry's Master Class. 

If you're even a little curious, we encourage you to apply today and get a conversation started with us. Who knows where your twelve weeks in coding bootcamp could take you?