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Basic Prerequisites for Coder Foundry's Program

Are you wondering if you're a good fit for Coder Foundry's Master Class? We've put together a straight forward list of prerequisites that we like all of our incoming students to meet. If you don't meet all of the requirements yet, don't worry! We've also listed some helpful resources for you to check out to get yourself up to speed.

Prerequisites for Coder Foundry's Master Class Coding Bootcamp:

•  Understanding of basic computer science “language.” Terms such as bits, binary, ASCII, Boolean, compiler, input, output, algorithms, source code, IDE, syntax, etc.

•  Understanding of Basic Programming concepts, including variables, data types, logic, control structures ( if-else, while, do-while, switch, for, foreach, etc. ), functions, compiled vs. interpreted. 

•  Understanding of Objected Oriented programming concepts, including objects/classes, modularity, polymorphism ( generics, overloading, inheritance), interfaces, etc.

•  Understanding of common Abstract Data Types, including but not limited to arrays, linked lists, trees, dictionaries, hash tables, stacks, queues, etc.

•  Understanding of common searching/sorting algorithms, such as quick sort, merge sort, bubble sort, sequential search, binary search, etc. is strongly encouraged, but not required. 

Not quite there yet? Check out some of the links below to boost your skill set and get on-track for our program.

Resources for Getting Up to Speed:

Introduction to Java from MIT Open Courseware:

Algorithms, Part I from Princeton online, via coursera (1/23/15 - 3/13/15):

In general, Harvard online, CourseraUdacity, and MIT Open Courseware are the best resources available for getting yourself on track for our program. If you're a novice coder, you might also want to go through Codecademy before beginning an introductory online course, as they cover the basics fairly well. No paid course is necessary to take as an introduction, as there are a plethora of courses, including college courses  from top universities, available online for free (which is always nice to hear!).

If you're still on the fence with whether or not you qualify for our program, we encourage you to go ahead and apply anyway! Our helpful Admissions Team will receive your application and get in contact with you to schedule an interview that will help determine your skill set and whether you are a good fit for the program.