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Blackberry to Use Amazon App Store

Blackberry has been struggling for many years to convince users that its platform is superior to Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and as a result many have predicted that it's only a matter of time before the company goes out of business. Because it has so few users these days, Blackberry has had trouble attracting app developers to its platform, which in turn leads to fewer customers, who want access to the best app ecosystem.

In an attempt to overcome this, Blackberry has announced an agreement with Amazon to gain access to the latter's app offerings, which are much more robust and have a more solid user base.

Last year, Blackberry allowed developers to port their programs from Android. There most recent move indicates that the company has given up trying to improve its software offerings on its own, and instead would rather focus on improving its hardware and enterprise solutions.

Because having a wide selection of apps for customers to choose from is such an important part of putting out successful smartphones, companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are known to cater heavily to software makers. This creates an environment in which developers can enjoy lucrative careers by creating useful programs for these systems.

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