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Bloomberg's Epic "What is Code?"

Paul Ford at has constructed an amazingly well written (and well coded!) work of art called What is Code? If you have any interest in computer science or development, you should take the time to read and experience this amazing article.

The World Wide Web is what I know best (I’ve coded for money in the programming languages Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, PHP, Clojure, and XSLT), but the Web is only one small part of the larger world of software development. There are 11 million professional software developers on earth, according to the research firm IDC. (An additional 7 million are hobbyists.) That’s roughly the population of the greater Los Angeles metro area. Imagine all of L.A. programming. East Hollywood would be for Mac programmers, West L.A. for mobile, Beverly Hills for finance programmers, and all of Orange County for Windows.
— "What is Code?" by Paul Ford