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Bootcamp Graduates Raise Their Salaries by 44%

Course Report recently conducted a survey of 432 coding boot camp graduates from a range of 48 schools.

The study found that the average programming student earned 44 percent more in their first job post-graduation than they did prior to entering the course. This equated to a $25,000 average increase in salary.

The average salary reported was $75,965, and boot camp students were more likely to be employed full-time after attending a program. However, 42 percent of the students surveyed reported receiving no job placement assistance from their schools. 

The Coder Foundry not only helps students acquire the facility they need to succeed in a well-paying coding job, but also has a strong commitment to aiding graduates in their job searches. We offer personalized, individual attention throughout the course, allowing us to get to know you, your unique skills and your long-term professional goals. 

When you're done with the Master Class you will have a portfolio of impressive work to show employers. We will also teach you how to present your portfolio and ideas to the boss, and we'll conduct practice interviews with you so you're fully prepared to land your dream job. 

The instructors at the Coder Foundry keep in touch with the East Coast job market, so we know exactly what employers are currently looking for in new hires. This gives you an edge over the competition, because you'll already have an understanding of the most-used languages. We're not teaching you how to be a professional coder just for fun -- although it is! What we're doing is giving you background that will make you indispensable in your future workplace.

To show our commitment, we make you this promise: If you don't find a job after graduation, we'll pay your tuition.