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C# is an Object-Oriented Language: What Does That Mean?

At Coder Foundry, our software coding classes are focused on helping students learn the C# programming language, which is one of the most common programming languages in the corporate world. Sometimes, you'll hear programmers refer to C# and other types of code as "object-oriented." This is a very important term in computer science, but the good news is that it's not difficult to understand at a basic level.

Essentially, a language that is object-oriented allows the programmer to create software that is more complex, dynamic and responsive to the person using the application. Such a language is designed around "objects," which are small sections of code that perform specific functions when given data.

To give an example, say you wanted to design a basic calculator that someone could use on their computer. The calculator can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When writing the software, you might write four separate objects, which perform each of these mathematical functions based on what the user wants. If they input two numbers and tell the computer to add them together by pressing a plus sign, then the program will use the object that performs addition.

With object-oriented programming, it's possible to create software that can perform a number of functions without having to go through a long list of procedural steps. For example, in this situation, a calculator created without objects might perform all four operations and output each answer, which would be less practical for the person who was using the calculator.

This is just a basic explanation of what object-oriented programming is and why it's important for designing software. But if you want to learn about programming and are interested in taking classes, check out The Coder Foundry's Apprentice-level course, which can provide you with the skills to land a high-paying job in just 12 weeks!