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Coder Foundry Fits a Theoretical Study in Computer Science

In the IT field, coding skills are learned from experience, not on a blackboard. This is why so many college graduates struggle as they enter jobs because the theory and history they learn in class isn't a skill that translates in to a skill that pays in the real world. What today's developers need are hard skills in programming that will allow them to enter the workforce running with skills they can use from the first day on the job. Most companies are not doing this kind of training in house. This is why Coder Foundry operates like an apprenticeship rather than a school.

The classic image of the middle ages is the blacksmith, hard at work at his forge assisted by an apprentice. Today, few people become blacksmiths, and the college system has overtaken job preparation training. However, with the skills gap looming and unemployment rates high, perhaps we need a return to those medieval values, where you can learn skills directly from a teacher and then use those skills in a job.

College classes are created around certain guidelines and curriculum. This information has value, but for companies looking for a new developer, they don't want someone that knows the history of C# - they want someone who knows how to code C#. The theories and ideas taught in a classroom are great for those looking to create their own programming language, but in a junior or senior developer position with .Net, you need time behind a keyboard to prepare you. Apprenticeships are still popular today in tradecraft industries, so why not for software development?

So how does the hands-on experience differ from the classroom approach?

At Coder Foundry we focus on immersion. You learn best by being thrown feet first into our coding boot camp. Our college-level professor, Andrew Jensen, has developed a curriculum that prepares students for development as quickly as possible then gets them behind the wheel for 500 hours of hands-on experience - five times what they would get in a four-year degree program. This means more than knowledge is developed, but real-time critical thinking skills that will help our students react to problems faster and overcome obstacles with more agility than their college counterparts.

"I was a college professor for years, and in the university setting, curriculum is dictated by accreditation, which is outdated - it simply doesn't keep up with modern technology," says Jensen. "This is why Coder Foundry is so important."

Whether you're looking to learn C# to expand your skill set or enter the IT field as a fresh recruit, Coder Foundry can teach you the skills and mindset necessary to find a lucrative career as a developer. Combined with our recruiting program and job placement team, you're guaranteed to be placed in a position best suited to your talents. This allows us to fill the skills gap in the Southeastern United States and help talented individuals land the career of their dreams.

Your career isn't just another step in the journey of life, it's a new beginning. Start it right with the skills necessary to succeed, as learned through an apprenticeship-style approach to learning.