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Coder Foundry Ranked a Top Coding Bootcamp for 2014

We are so very excited to announce that has named Coder Foundry among their list of the Top 33 Coding Bootcamps in the WORLD for 2014!  As if that fact alone were not awesome enough, we also earned the distinct honor of being one of the Top *THREE* Bootcamps Teaching .NET Worldwide -- woohoo!

In almost a guide-like fashion, Switch took the time to preface their list with some great information that is extremely useful to anyone that finds themselves "shopping around" for a coding bootcamp. They summarize a brief history of the bootcamp, give advice on what to research when you're considering your options (like what programming language you should learn, class size, alumni reviews, etc.), and then finally segues into their list.

Listed in alphabetical order, Switch gives readers a run-down of the top 33 coding bootcamps in the world. They note that their findings are based on a number of factors, including hundreds of alumni reviews, thousands of data points, and some third party data. Each bootcamp's entry on the list includes the basic essentials: a link to the camp's website, a photo, a summary of the camp, and a sample of one of the reviews given by alums, among other things.

Even more awesome than getting to be on this list altogether is the fact that we are one of only THREE bootcamps listed that teach .NET! That speaks volumes to us, as we (and our hiring partners!) know the importance of .NET as an enterprise-scale business technology. Being one of the top three .NET coding bootcamps in the WORLD last year just reaffirms that we are solid in our mission to develop employable programmers with skills tailored to the job market rather than treating our bootcampers like college kids in a classroom.

We may be a little biased, but we really feel that Switch's list and accompanying information is a well-researched, comprehensive resource for those looking to begin, or further their search for the perfect coding bootcamp. 

Thanks so much to the folks over at SwitchUp for including us!  We promise to keep things rolling (and maybe even ramp up the pace, a bit?) in 2015 so that we can make the list again next year!  ;)