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Coder Foundry Will Help Place You in the Perfect Job for You

At Coder Foundry, our mission is to place you in the job that best suits your qualifications, experience, personality and career goals. We stand by this commitment and have an extremely successful history of finding jobs for our Master Course students.

What makes our program unique is the fact that we don't just outfit you with the coding skills you'll need to succeed, but also prep you for the launch of your career. We will get to know you personally over the course of the three months that you train with us, and will find out what you're looking for in a full-time position. 

We believe it's not just about landing you the highest paying position, but also about finding you the job that will challenge and sustain you for years to come. Not every company is a fit with every individual, and our instructors realize that finding the right combination requires a close knowledge of both employer and employee. Our instructors know the hiring landscape of the industry and area and are uniquely positioned to link you to your perfect position. 

To accomplish these goals, we will edit and refine your resume, allowing you to showcase your skills and experience in the best possible light. We also conduct in-depth practice interviews that will help you feel confident when entering a potential workplace.

Most importantly, though, we help you prep your portfolio so you have a truly relevant and impressive body of work to show prospective employers. We know what companies are looking for in employees and we can help you become the person they need. 

The promise of the Master Class isn't to learn a hobby, but to begin a successful, long, productive career as programmer.