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Coding at the Center of a Learning Revolution

Governments and citizen activists all over the world have united around a simple, but important, goal: Making coding a standard part of curricula, along with math, language, reading and science. The hope is that in the next few years, software coding classes will produce a new generation of programmers who can help shape the world economy and lead to unprecedented levels of prosperity.

In the United States, an assembly of tech companies, education professionals and policy makers have joined together to promote the "Hour of Code," a nationwide effort to encourage students and adults to take a one hour course on coding. The results so far have been positive: According to the New York Times, 28 million people have taken part in the "Hour of Code."

 Why is it important for more people to learn coding?

  • Programming education will lead to more technological literacy: Most Americans interact with computers on a daily basis, but far fewer actually know how they work. Learning code can help you understand why computers operate the way they do, and in turn this can make them more useful to you.
  • Some of the best jobs available require knowledge of computer programming: Check any site like or LinkedIn, and the number of high-paying positions that require knowledge of Javascript, Python and other computing languages is staggering. Simply put, coding is a skill that is in high demand.

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