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Coding Opportunities Explode While Schooling Opportunities Remain Slim

Coding has never been more in demand and coders have never been in such short supply. The McGill Daily reported earlier this month that the growth rate of computer specialist jobs in the U.S. is projected to be twice that of all other industries and professions in future years. 

As of now, high school and colleges don't offer nearly enough computer programming classes and, as a result, few people know of the incredible opportunities the coding world has to offer. To battle this ignorance, The Technology Association of Iowa and Iowa State has partnered with HyperStream to encourage young students to participate in cyber competitions. Unfortunately, it will most likely take a number of years before these programs produce the coders that we need now.

The U.S. has been lagging in computer education when compared to the rest of the world, and it's becoming increasingly vital that our young people recognize the importance coding will have in our near future, especially in the professional realm. Becoming a programmer doesn't require a college degree, but it does necessitate a strong and specialized base of core computing knowledge. 

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