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Coding Skills in High Demand in Federal Government

James Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), recently made headlines when he told Congress that his agency was having difficulty finding computer security experts who were qualified for the job. Specifically, Comey drew fire for his comments that candidates may have the right skillset to work in the FBI's computer security division, but they often failed the agency's drug tests.

The FBI isn't alone in its inability to find the right candidates for its openings. Many technology companies have reported that there is a shortage of programmers who have the skills to help them grow and develop new, innovative products. The FBI is particularly handicapped because it is a federal government agency, which means there are limits to the salaries it can pay employees.

Big companies like Google and Microsoft don't have the same limits to deal with, which means they can offer higher salaries to the best candidates, thereby siphoning even more talent away from the top law enforcement agency.

While this isn't good news for the FBI, it's certainly positive for those who have or are trying to acquire programming skills. Because there is such a shortage of workers, those who know the fundamentals of creating software can demand higher salaries and better job perks.

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