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Dropbox Announces New Software Collaboration and Connectivity Tools

At a press event in San Francisco, Dropbox, the company that provides cloud storage services to personal and business users, debuted several new products that will make its software even more useful. One of the announcements they made that is particularly interesting is Project Harmony, which will bring collaborative tools to software from other manufacturers, such as Microsoft Office.

Dropbox didn't specify a release date for Project Harmony, but they did provide some details about the capabilities it provides to users. To give an example, an individual working on a Microsoft Word document will be able to click on a button that allows them to upload the latest copy directly to a Dropbox account and chat with collaborators in real time.

Whenever companies like Dropbox announce these types of new features, it's important to remember that they're really speaking to two distinct, separate audiences. The first is the average technology consumer who uses Microsoft Office and wants better collaboration tools out of their software.

The other audience is comprised of programmers and software developers, who can use the new features to write more useful and creative programs. For example, a developer working on a new video editing program may eventually be able to integrate Project Harmony into their software, allowing users to store projects in Dropbox instantly. Or someone working on note-taking software could integrate Project Harmony into their program so that users can save notes to their Dropbox accounts.

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