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Enterprise App Development on the Rise

As businesses embrace mobile trends, bringing smartphones and tablets into the workplace and using them to improve productivity, many are hiring their own developers to create in-house apps. This presents the perfect coding career opportunity for up-and-coming programmers.

A recent report from Apperian found that 70 percent of executives are focusing on mobile strategies, equipping 1,000 or more of their employees with mobile devices. Furthermore, 100 percent said they fully intend to deploy mobile apps for their workforce within the next two years. The most important revelation of the study, however, was that the majority of companies that are highly satisfied with their mobile efforts attribute it to custom apps and robust application management efforts.

"As mobility in the enterprise continues to gain adoption, defining the optimal enterprise mobility strategy is absolutely critical and the information gained in this study will benefit all who lead mobility initiatives," said Apperian CEO David Patrick.

The strong focus on app development presents key new opportunities for those interested in a career as a programmer. These trends are critical for those interested in coding, as they represent the fluctuations in the job market. Knowing what a focus mobility is right now can help you pick the language and platform to focus on for your coding education.

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