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Full Stack Software Developer - The Fastest Growing Job Last Year

According to a study by Payscale, the fastest growing job in 2018 was Full Stack Software Developer. Even more, the study found that ouf of the top 25 fastest growing jobs, 10 of them require you to know how to code.

Compare that with another study that found employers are asking for coding skills in non-developer jobs. That study found that half of the highest paying jobs in America require coding skills.

What is a Full Stack Software Developer?

A new trend in developer hiring is the requirement for candidates to know how to build a full application - both the front-end (what users see in a browser) and the backend (the part of the app that exists on a server, like the database).

If you have both skills you are a Full Stack Developer, and your talent in in high demand.

We’ve trained hundreds of new Full Stack Developers

Since the beginning of Coder Foundry, we’ve always trained students in development of the front-end and backend of an application. Even if a student wants to later specialize as a Front-End Dev, or database administrator, we saw that the best way for a junior candidate to land a first job was to have full stack skills.

And it turns out we were right. Five years later, “Full Stack Software Developer” is the fastest growing job in America!

Not all Full Stack Developers are the same

Unfortunately, the study doesn’t cover a nuance we’ve seen in the marketplace. There are several “stacks” for a developer to chose from, but not all of them carry the same employer demand.

We’ve noticed that the .NET framework is the most in-demand stack, especially for junior developers. There are more job postings for entry-level .NET Developer jobs than any other stack.

The best way to learn Full Stack Software Developement

Coder Foundry is the highest rated coding bootcamp in North Carolina, and is the best reveiwed .NET bootcamp in the country. No one has successfully trained more new Full Stack .NET Developers in our area.

If would like to learn the skills to jump into the fastest growing job title, then learn about our program, and submit an application today.