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How Coder Foundry Speeds Up The Job Hunt for Programmers

The unemployment rate for developers is less than 3%, which is half of the national unemployment rate. This is good news for programmers. If you have the right skills, you will find a job. However, how fast you get hired is the problem for most developers. 

Senior developers struggle with finding an opportunity that matches their skills and experience. Junior developers have to compete with people who may have more experience or education.


#1 We Teach an In-Demand Technology

Coder Foundry is a .NET and C# coding bootcamp, two of the most wanted skills for developers today.

According to a study by Course Report, a coding bootcamp review site, “Students who learned C# at a bootcamp are most likely to be employed as a developer after graduation.” 

We encourage prospective students do a quick search on, a job posting search engine. This way they’ll see first hand how many .NET jobs are available compared to other programming languages and frameworks.

Because we teach a technology stack that so many enterprise companies have adopted, you’ll find jobs from stable, well-regarded companies across the spectrum, from healthcare to banking. This gives you more “at bats” when applying for a job. One interview won’t be make-it-or-break it. Having the skills that many employers want is the main you you shorten your time looking for work.

#2. We Have Full-Time Placement Staff

Meet Natosha Sanders

Meet Natosha Sanders

Coder Foundry is less than two years old, however Natosha Sanders who runs our placement services has over 15 years experience.

When you graduate from Coder Foundry you meet one-on-one with Natosha to go over your background and employment specifications. Even if you’ve never worked as a programmer before Natosha helps to highlight your unique experience and connect you with an  employer that will value your background.Then our team of designers revamp your resume to reflect you in the best light so you immediately stand out from the competition.

The result?

Natosha and Coder Foundry will help you score a job much faster than if you were applying for positions on your own. (Just ask our graduates). 

#3. We Have An Employer Network

Increasingly employers are choosing Coder Foundry as their source for dev talent that can contribute to their business on day one.

Our model is simple - whenever we place a student at a company, that developer becomes an evangelist for Coder Foundry simply by rocking at their job. 

The next time the employer has a vacancy, they don’t publicize the position. Coder Foundry becomes the first place they call. 


Our Employer Network is how we help you find a job in the “hidden job market”. As we graduate more and more successful students our reputation grows, our network expands, and we speed up the hiring process for our graduates. 

Want to learn more about how our coding bootcamp can launch (or relaunch) your programming career?

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