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From Band Teacher to Web Developer

Justin signed his offer letter with an employer in Virginia

Justin signed his offer letter with an employer in Virginia

All of us Coder Foundry are proud to be part of Justin H.'s success story! Justin was a band teacher when he attended our open house with his wife. Former students answered all of Justin's questions and his family became confident about his decision to attend our program.

Justin worked incredibly hard during his time at Coder Foundry and our placement team was able to match him with a job. Read the story he told us during his final student interview:

My name is Justin and I came to Coder Foundry to reinvent myself.
Before I came to Coder Foundry I was a high school band teacher. For the past year I was trying to learn how to code on my own and I needed a faster paced environment where I could learn more and get more specific training.
My coding skills before I came to Coder Foundry included HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. I had built a few of my own websites prior to Coder Foundry and I wanted to advance those skills.
Since I came to Coder Foundry I discovered interesting things like  MVC and the .NET framework, and SQL Server.
My biggest question about Coder Foundry was whether I could keep up with the fast pace. For the whole year prior to Coder Foundry I had been going at my own pace. And I was questioning whether I was going to be able to keep up with the fast pace. I researched a lot about coding bootcamps, and I knew that things were going to move fast. 
That’s something I learned about myself along the way. I push myself to a limit, to whatever standards that are set for me. Having those deadlines, those deliverables, and those goals be within reach gives me a quick purpose. 
After I finish Coder Foundry I want to work as a developer in any size firm. I like to collaborate and work on teams. So whatever industry I end up with, I want that element to be part of the environment. 

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