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Getting Accepted Into Coder Foundry

"What does it take to get accepted into Coder Foundry? What is the application process like? What sort of students are you looking for, and would I be a good fit?" These are some of the most commonly asked questions that we get from prospective students, so today we're setting out to answer them on the blog!

Who We're Looking For & What it Takes to be Accepted

We're looking for a number of qualities and attributes in prospective students -- things that go beyond an educational background in coding or a desire to make more money in the technology sector. Of course, from an academic standpoint, we ARE looking for someone with prior experience in or knowledge of coding (object-oriented languages are preferred!), someone that is a good student, a hard worker, a logical thinker, etc. But we're also looking for someone that has the ability to master the skills needed to ultimately land a job.

Our Director of Partnership Development, T. J. Jones talked a little bit further about what he specifically looks for in candidates:

"We're looking for a cultural fit - One of the big differentiator’s between Coder Foundry and other bootcamps is that we place a high priority on getting you the skills that land you that first job opportunity. We try and make our cultural fit similar to that of a potential employer’s cultural fit. In other words, we’re trying to see if you know how to be an employee in a corporate and/or startup environment. You demo your code every week and are reviewed by mentors and instructors. It’s very similar to having to interview for a job every week of the course. If you take notes eventually you get good at it. Sometimes practice is all it takes to being a better interviewer, especially if you’ve been in a job for a long time and are looking to jumpstart your second career."

"We're also looking for resourcefulness- Coder Foundry attracts really bright and educated people. We don’t just mean degrees, but hard logic and an enormous amount of creativity is what’s going to make you marketable above a degree. There’s always something new to learn, but being resourceful can go a long way in landing that first job with a potential employer. For example, you have 12 weeks of immersion into our coursework of .NET and AngularJS. You also stand up your profile site using Bootstrap. Don’t micromanage your profile site or smaller projects knowing that there’s going to be a lot of MVC and backend development that will require more of your time further into the course."

The Application Process

Our application process is a fairly simple one -- we try to conduct it as similarly to the interview process for a job as possible so that we make sure that you are a good fit for us, and that we're a good fit for you (we don't want to waste anyone's time!). This also goes along nicely with our mission of treating bootcampers like employees rather than students.

Once you fill out our online application, you can expect to hear back from us in about two business days when we will schedule an interview with you (either physically in-person at our facility in Kernersville, NC, or remotely via Skype). You will chat with our Director of Partnership Development, one of our professors, and potentially others on the Coder Foundry team as well. This is not only our chance to ask about your goals and what you hope to get from Coder Foundry, but also your chance to ask any questions that you may have about us, our program, and what we do here.

Once the interview has been completed, you can expect to hear back from us within two business days with a decision. At this point, we will advise you on where to go from here. You might be accepted (at which point we can help answer questions about financing, housing, and other necessary evils that might occur with admission), or we may recommend getting a bit more experience before applying again. We want to ensure that we only accept students that we know will flourish in our program, and we certainly don't want you to waste your money if we think you may not do well!

Regardless of the outcome, we won't leave you hanging! If you want to attend our program, we WANT you to attend our program. Our team will recommend next steps and offer all the guidance they can.

It is important to note that we pride ourselves in accepting all sorts of students from all kinds of different walks of life. We encourage anyone that is interested in our program to go ahead and submit their application and begin their admissions conversation with us today!