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Housewife to Web Developer

Please join us in congratulating Coder Foundry graduate, Hema M.!

So, what's more challenging - making the leap back into the workforce after taking time off to raise your children, or unlearning an outdated programming language so you can master modern web development?

Hema had both situations working against her when she enrolled in Coder Foundry.  However, she dedicated herself to the course, took instruction and feedback from our staff, and she's now a professional web developer!

Watch below to experience Hema's story in her own words:


My name is Hema. I have been a housewife for four years now. Why not do something and get in the workforce?
I was still working on AS/400, which is kind of outdated now. It’s not used much.
I really wanted to do something web-based. That is the reason I decided to do something that is new.
Bootcamps are serious things!  The main thing I like is that I come here, I stay here, I’m dedicating all, each and every minute that I’m here into coding. I know the seriousness. By coming here and doing it, it will be much more than [learning] online.
I did have a conversation with my husband, because eventually he is the one who is paying for it. So, he was like, “Ten thousand dollars is too much for 12 weeks”. 
But then I had to convince him that I have done software development earlier, and I can do it. So, it’s just an investment. Once I start working you’re definitely going to get back that money.

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