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How Coder Foundry is Changing Online Recruitment for Employers and Job Seekers

Despite an impressive $3 billion spent annually on online recruiting efforts, few companies are actually seeing results. According to Dave Martin, a recruiting expert, a mere 3 percent of job site visitors actually apply for a position. Furthermore, only 0.1 percent are suitable hires, creating an amazingly small pool of potential workers for businesses to select from. Even with SEO, social recruiting and aggregator optimization, firms simply aren't seeing a return on their investment in online recruiting.

So where does this leave employers? What are the issues that are complicating these processes? Martin notes that about 40 percent of all job seekers look online via a tablet or smartphone - yet most job sites require you to upload a CV or resume, which cannot be done on a mobile device. Additionally, if a website isn't optimized for mobile an employer loses nearly 75 percent of their traffic in the first place, narrowing their potential hiring field even further.

What about the jobseekers who aren't finding relevant job openings? What can be done to help young professionals find the jobs they want to do? The best approach is to focus on skills development. In the IT industry, there's a severe skills gap at the moment that employers are struggling to overcome. Yet, according to US News, the number of declared computer science majors increased by 25 percent during the 2011-2012 school year! What are these students missing that is keeping this skills gap ever widening? 

With our coding bootcamp, these students can take away the lastest skills in .Net development that companies are looking for today. 

SmartSource noted that 75 percent of students and educators feel that today's graduates are simply unprepared to enter the IT workforce, while a mere 6 percent feel that the skills being taught are relevant to today's technology. Combined, this is expected to leave approximately 2.5 million unfilled job openings in the IT sector by 2020. More than half of employers are considering training their current staff to cover these gaps in experience, rather than hiring recent graduates looking for work.

At Coder Foundry, we focus on bringing students into the fold with 500 hours of practical coding experience, ensuring they have the skills needed to enter the workforce. More importantly, however, we also provide key job placement and recruiting services that can benefit students and employers. For IT companies looking to hire talented staff, we can help train new developers to your specifications. For students, we can ensure you have the best possible chance of landing a high-paying career swiftly after completion of our 12-week course. Ultimately, these efforts combined will start addressing the problems both employers and jobseekers are having currently in the job market.