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How To Choose A Programming Language To Learn

"Which programming language should I learn" is the first question new programmers ask themselves.

And "Which programming language should I learn next?" is the question experienced developers ask.


We have one simple tip we give to both groups - ask employers which skills they want most in a web developer.

Don't ask another programmer - they'll pitch you on their pet language, framework, or toolset. And it's invariably what they use themselves.

And don't ask the Internet - you'll get lost in endless arguments about "syntax" and "compile time". For example, a thread on Quora about choosing the right programming language has responses from over 100 people, at a total of 95,387 words! It shouldn't take a week of reading to choose a language. (For comparison's sake,  JR Tolkein's "The Hobbit" is 300 words less, yet that book was turned into 3 long movies!)


If you do your research and talk to employers, you'll find that one framework gets mentioned more than any other.

Watch the video below to hear from our student Evan T. He did the legwork of talking to multiple employers about what they want in a developer. And the answer he heard was unanimous:

"I went around to a couple of companies - I'm from the Portland, Oregon area - and I asked all of them, 'OK, what languages do you use? What platforms?' "

"I went to about 5 different companies. Every single one of them said:"

'We use C# and .NET.'

"I thought that was indicative of the market." - Evan. T

Here's a faster way to do the same research Evan T. performed. Go to and search ".NET developer". Compare how many jobs you find to other frameworks or backend languages like Ruby on Rails and PHP.

You'll see for yourself that .NET tops the list, over and over again.


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