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How to Land Your Next Job with Coder Foundry

Getting a job in the IT industry requires going to college and spending tens of thousands of dollars on a computer science degree, right? Maybe not. Today's employers aren't looking for a diploma so much as they are skills, and many are forgoing hiring college graduates for those that are better able to fill the IT skills gap.

The trick to landing a job in software development isn't getting a computer science degree, it's knowing how to code. This is why more employers, especially in the Southeastern United States, are hiring students out of dev workshops rather than college. Nearly 25 percent of all developers currently in the industry never attended a computer science program, according to StackExchange.

A coding workshop provides several advantages over a college degree - primarily experience. Peter Norvig, author of "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach," echoes this in his essay, "Teach Yourself Computer Science in 10 Years." He says that talking with other programmers and reading their work - gaining actual, real-life experience in the field - will be far more important than any book.

In fact, this is the very reason our college-level professor, Andrew Jensen, left teaching at a university to join our team.

"I was a college professor for years, and in the university setting, curriculum is dictated by accreditation, which is outdated - it simply doesn't keep up with modern technology. This is why Coder Foundry is so important. College graduates leave school with maybe 100 hours of actual coding experience. Coder Foundry's graduates leave with 500 hours. If you want to be a developer, this is the place to come to."

At Coder Foundry, we put students in a highly-focused environment where they gain 700 hours of coding experience and are able to interact with other students, discussing code and projects. Furthermore, we provide key recruiting and job placement services to help immediately move our students into highly-sought after, lucrative positions in the IT industry.

Here you'll learn the skills needed to:

  • Write better code
  • Work with Git and GitHub
  • Pitch an app
  • Optimize app security
  • Work with scalable code
  • Nail any interview you go to

Plus, you'll have worked on a number of projects needed to fill in your resume and demonstrate working, usable code to your prospective employers.

A piece of paper doesn't get you a job, skill does. That's why Coder Founder focuses on connecting you with the best instructors, job offers and students in the area. The immersive experience we provide will help you learn C#, jQuery, SQL, .Net and Visual Studio in order to enter any job ready to start delivering what the team needs.