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How to Launch Your Coding Career in New York

Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before:

Four companies walked into a bar in New York...

The first company is one of the most valuable sports teams in the world, the New York Yankees. 

The second company is an ivy league school that pre-dates the founding of our country, Columbia University.

The third company is an insurance firm with more than 88 million customers in 130 countries, AIG.

The fourth company is the world’s most valuable bank, and the largest bank in the United States, JP Morgan Chase.

So the Yankees, Columbia, AIG, and Chase walk into a bar and - in unison - all order the same thing: 


“Give me one .NET Developer. And make it quick!”

This silly joke is a metaphor for what actually happened this month. Each of those premier companies put out a job posting looking for .NET Developers.

The skills they are looking for are almost identical. They want candidates that know:

  • C# 
  • MVC
  • Visual Studio
  • SQL Server
  • Web APIs
  • Javascript
  • HTML & CSS

In short, they want developers who are trained in the .NET stack. However, there’s a problem.


There’s a shortage of .NET Developers in New York

By combining’s data on open .NET Developer jobs with LinkedIn’s data on local .NET programmers you can measure the talent gap for different cities.


Seattle has the smallest talent gap with 37 candidates for every .NET job listed. We believe the presence of Microsoft, the creator of the .NET framework near Seattle contributes to the rich pool of talent for employers.

The city with the worst talent gap is New York. There are only four available people for every one job posting.

This is bad news for the Yankees, Columbia, AIG, and Chase. It’s likely that they are recruiting people away from other jobs or other cities, which is a long and expensive process. 

However, it’s good news for New York-based .NET Developers at all levels of experience. The combination of a tight talent gap and a current need among top tier companies means a qualified coder can pick and choose the best fit for his or her career.


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We hope to see you soon.