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How to Pick the Right Coding Bootcamp

When considering a dev bootcamp, making sure the school is a right fit for you is just as important as considering the classes it offers. At Coder Foundry, we focusing on providing an environment that is small, hands on,and can produce results for our students.

Unsurprisingly, picking the right dev bootcamp is a lot like selecting the college you want to go to. Here are a few of the suggestions made for this process from The Princeton Review, U.S. News and World Report and other leading sources for college and school selection:

 - Coder Foundry is located in the heart of the Southeastern United States, the corridor of technology between DC and Atlanta, which is often referred to as the new Silicon Valley. This offers a prime location for students across a significant portion of the country, as well as excellent job placement options. Also, Coder Foundry was recently ranked in the Southeast.

- Speaking with advisors, staff, teachers and other students will help you get a well-rounded idea of what the school, or in this case coding bootcamp, has to offer and if it's right for you. Coder Foundry staff meets with prospective students to help with this decision process.

 - Not only do you need to select the learning style that works for you, but the one that will give you the best opportunities in the industry. Coder Foundry's 500 hours of coding experience is essential for entering the IT industry with a running start and providing the skill sets that today's employers are looking for.

- For a coding bootcamp, the instructor key to your success. Talk with them. Look for an instructor that knows how to code, but more importantly knows how to teach at a professional level. Coder Foundry’s instructor is a professional college level instructor. He has been teaching Computer Science within the state university level. He is a Ph.D. candidate for Comp Sci, but more important has a passion for teaching.

 Does the coding school have the ability to provide mentors so that you can fire questions at a live pro instead of google? Coder Foundry has a staff of mentors that we use. They are professional coders that have right answers at the right time to get you through the tight spots.

- is the coding school and its ownership part of the larger tech community at a local and regional level? If so, they understand the market, the current technology and hot spots. They also have the relationships to make things happen. Coder Foundry is jointly owned by a National Software Company and a Microsoft Gold Development Partner that does custom development for companies in the Southeast.

- You need to understand what lies on the other side of graduation for you after the coding bootcamp. Does the school have a dedicated job placement officer that is working full time for the school? What kind of job placement services do they offer? Does the school work with companies in the region that hire developers? Do they align with developers with this curriculum? Coder Foundry has a dedicated full time recruiter that works with our students from the first day of class to find the right company fit and the right job offer. We line up interviews on your behalf. That is why we can offer a money back job offer guarantee for our students.

- Strongly consider the curriculum of the bootcamp. What is your goal with the skillset you are going to learn? Are you looking to build mobile apps, a start-up, consult, or are you looking for a corporate job with salary and benefits? The curriculum needs to align itself with your end goals.  If you are looking for a corporate job with salary and benefits or consulting work, then the curriculum at Coder Foundry will make sense for you. The .Net framework has been largely adopted by the corporation both small, medium, and large because of the mature and scalable platform. The support is well documented. We work with organizations looking to fill and expand their .Net development staff.

– Last but not least…your comfort. You are going to be coding. Coding a lot. That means sitting down in chair concentrating for long stretches of time. Your coding school staff knows this and should prepare a facility that is conducive for this. Sitting in a cheap chair and a school house desk gets old really quick.  Coder Foundry has top quality Herman Miller Aeron chairs and energy drinks for our students. Our classroom was designed with our student in mind. Focusing on these details both large and small will make a difference in your coding bootcamp outcome.