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How Transparency is Helping and Hurting Job Candidates

These days there are plenty of ways for recruiters to figure out who you are, where you've gone to school and your personal nature simply by performing a Google search. Unless all of your Twitter, Facebook and other social media activity has ironclad privacy in place – something that is increasingly difficult to achieve – all it will take is a few web inquiries for potential employers to find out whether you have the skills and experience your résumé says you have.

Of course, it probably never occurred to you to lie on your résumé, as this would not only be unethical, but it could also get you blacklisted from the industry in which you work.

But who hasn't padded a few things, overestimating your experience in one subject or another in order to attract a recruiter's attention? It's important to note that in the age of "personal brands" it's going to get harder to get away with any kind of exaggeration. As The Next Web, a tech industry news source, notes, you need to have examples online that demonstrate that you have the real-world skills listed on your résumé. If you're a programmer, this means having a Github profile with examples of your work. If you're a web designer, it means having an online portfolio showing off your best sites.

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