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IT Industry Wants "Communicators", Not Just Problem Solvers

Many prospective developers view the IT industry as one they can spend eight hours in front of a screen in, never interacting with anyone else. This couldn't be further from the truth, however, and more companies are focusing their hiring efforts on programmers who demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills, not just someone good at writing code.

According to No Jitter, this trend is coming from an increased demand for IT professionals who can also market and manage teams, while communicating with the rest of a business.

In the news source's recent Enterprise Technology Benchmark, it found that nearly two-thirds of all firms are looking for an affinity for verbal communication in their new hires. Furthermore, nearly half say they are looking for strength in written communication as well. The ability to communicate clearly will assist in marketing efforts, support, QA testing and various other aspects of business. Firms need team players, not lone wolves looking to spend all their time interacting with the technology.

This new trend is in part driven by flat or declining IT budgets in 2014. According to the source, firms looking to consolidate want IT professionals who can market the technology they produce. This version of self-promotion will help achieve stronger adoption potential while helping to ensure products are marketing properly - as the people who developed them will be the ones providing the sales pitch.

This internal marketing is what allows companies to achieve wide-spread adoption of internal apps and technology among their own workforce, while enabling stronger collaboration between production needs and the IT team. If the IT teams knows what the employees need, they'll be able to deliver both the products and the user experience to optimize every other facet of operations.

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