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How to Get Decent at JavaScript - for Free

Over our five years of teaching students at all skill levels, we’ve perfected turning a novice coder into a professional web developer.

Of course, you need to think like a coder, work hard, and devote hundreds of immersive hours to mastering your craft.  But still, we’ve tuned our program to be truly transformative; you don’t need prior experience to be successful.

However, we get questions every week from prospective students:

“How do I tinker with the basics of web programming, just to see if this career is right for me?”

The problem is most tutorials available online are poorly taught. Even some of the most popular “learn to code” websites deliver more confusion than clarity. 

We encounter prospective students every week who doubt their own skills because they’ve been trying to learn from bad teachers, not because “coding is too hard” or they are not smart enough.

Today I have 3 JavaScript resources for you, and they’re all free

None of the individual resources are perfect - but each one will help you with a specific step in your learning process.


Step 1. Grasshopper App (by Google)


Strength: Google designed this app to teach you the basics of programming using gaming features. You can drag and drop blocks that represent bits of Javascript code to solve various puzzles. You don't have to commit a lot of time to learn, and you don't need any experience in coding to get started.

Weakness: The app is focused on solving puzzles and introducing you to coding concepts, so you don't truly learn how write Javascript yourself.


Step 2. 10 Days of JavaScript



Strength: Brad Schiff is a gifted teacher who wisely put together a small project that will give you a handle on the basics of JavaScript. 

Weakness: After you work through this project you may still feel unable to use JavaScript to solve a real-world problem. 

Step 3: Publish a Free Website


Strength: This straight forward video shows you how to publish a simple website using free tools. Your website can now be a “playground” for practicing coding with Javascript. 

Weakness: Creating the website involves learning 3 tools at once, and it is easy to become overwhelmed.   


Go Pro

These tutorials are a great start, but there's still a gap you need to close to become a professional. If you want to take the next step learn how to be a professional software developer, apply for an upcoming class.