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Learn Mobile Application Development at Coder Foundry

Coder Foundry is excited to announce the biggest change to our curriculum since the school launched over two years ago.

Starting with this currently enrolled cohort all students will learn mobile application development, in addition to our standard course on programming for the web.

When you attend our program you will graduate with three core web-based projects, and one native mobile application for Android and iOS mobile operating systems.


We Are the only coding bootcamp to teach you web and mobile development in the same track.

Any other immersive program you attend will ask you to choose between building for the browser or building for the smartphone - or they do not provide Android and iOS programming at all.

At Coder Foundry we will teach you both within 18 weeks.

Most bootcamps can teach you how to become a Full Stack Developer, competent at front-end and backend development. We will teach you how to become a Universal Full Stack Developer, competent at programming for the three most most popular platforms of today - the web, Android, and iOS.

Please read below to understand how we're able to train you during such a compact amount of time.


Why You Can Learn Web and Mobile Programming in 18 Weeks

It's no coincidence that coding bootcamps began to launch at the same time programming frameworks and libraries became widespread and popular. The first bootcamps discovered that not only is rapid, immersive learning a better way to learn to code, but the new tools available to programmers makes it easier to teach a beginner. 

Even experienced programmers and Computer Science graduates attend schools like Coder Foundry to learn the workflow and tools of modern developers.

A new advancement happened this year, specifically for .NET web developers. Microsoft purchased Xamarin, a set of tools that makes Android and iOS development more efficient for any programmer with C# experience. 

Xamarin used to be expensive and difficult to learn. That confined adoption to a small set of coders with backing from their employers.

Today Microsoft has made Xamarin virtually free, and has dedicated resources to promoting the tool to the masses. Remember - Microsoft spent $2 Billion ensuring the popularity of .NET and C#. We believe they will do whatever it takes to make Xamarin a standard in Android and iOS programming.

This is a prime opportunity for any programming student. Xamarin is easy to learn for anyone who has training in C# and Visual Studio, and will become a standard requirement for employers in the coming months. This is why we have added it to our curriculum and why you can feel confident in learning mobile development in a short amount of time.


Here's What Makes Xamarin Special

Xamarin makes it possible to build Android and iOS app using a shared C# codebase

In the past you had to learn Objective-C or Swift to create apps for the iPhone, and learn Java to build for Android devices. 

Xamarin empowers you to use C# to access the unique capabilities of each operating system. The project you create for Android or iOS is completely native. A user can't tell the difference between your app and one created with Objective-C, Swift, or Java.

Xamarin also has a best-in-class testing suite so you see how your project performs across dozens of devices. Even companies that do not use Xamarin's tools to build their app have been attracted Xamarin's powerful "Test Cloud".


Are you interested in becoming a Universal Full Stack Developer?

Come and learn with Coder Foundry.

Our next class starts in January, however our application deadline is December 9th. Apply today.