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Learn Programming Code to Get the Job That You Want

Few skills will allow you to secure a higher paying job in less time that the ability to program a computer. The fact is that while becoming a doctor, lawyer or finance professional may hold the promise of high future earnings, it takes years of schooling to enter these professions and even after you secure a high paying job, much of your income is allocated toward paying back your student loans.

Another aspect of learning to program code that makes it a great skill is the flexibility it allows you in finding a job that you love. There are thousands of companies out there that are looking for programmers, in just about any industry you can think of (including medicine, law and finance).

This is the theme of a recent post on Techcrunch, which profiled Surabhi Gupta, a software engineer with roomsharing website Airbnb. Gupta had been working for Google, which is frequently rated as the best place to work in the world when it comes to compensation and job perks. But after using Airbnb to book rooms for guests at her wedding, Gupta was so enthusiastic about the service that she decided to switch companies.

That kind of job mobility, particularly in a time of economic stagnation, is difficult to conceive of in any other field. The fact is that most people are terrified of leaving their jobs, even if they're unhappy, simply because they are afraid of having to spend a long period of time unemployed.

But with software development, this isn't an issue. There are plenty of jobs out there, so much so that many firms are having trouble finding qualified candidates to fill coding positions. By enrolling in programming classes at The Coder Foundry, you'll build a robust skillset in a short period of time that will give you immeasurable flexibility in the job market. For more information, check out our website today!