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How to Learn Xamarin for Free

Almost every .NET Developer wants to learn how to use Xamarin, the mobile development toolset that empowers you to build Android and iOS apps using a shared C# codebase.

Why the sudden interest in learning Xamarin? 

In the past a C# programmer had to add Java and Objective-C under his belt to become a mobile developer. Then Xamarin came along,  but it was expensive to buy, and expensive to learn.

Earlier this year Xamarin was purchased by Microsoft for almost half a billion dollars. It recently got built into Visual Studio and is free to use for most people.

C# / .NET developers are now clamoring to become unicorns - programmers who can build both web and native mobile applications, without having to master a completely different stack. 

They want to learn Xamarin. And we want to help.

Coder Foundry is Hosting a Xamarin Dev Day

Our coding bootcamp was selected by Microsoft to teach a full day workshop so developers can learn Xamarin for free.

We will have Xamarin experts teach you the basics of the tool, then give you space to build your own simple project. We’ll also have experienced Xamarin developers on-hand to answer your questions one-on-one.

Free catered lunch will be provided. You’ll also receive an exclusive free T-Shirt and be eligible to win a valuable door prize. 

If you want to learn Xamarin and start building Android and iOS apps, this event is a must for you to attend. 


The Cost is Free, But Space is Limited

We want you to invite your entire dev team for this free training, but you need to register early to hold your seat.

Our Triad  location is equidistant from Raleigh and Charlotte, and we expect developers from all three metropolitan areas to make the trip.

In other words, RSVP today!

For Experienced C# Developers Only

This Xamarin Dev Day is only for professional programmers. If you want to learn how to code, please read more about the courses at Coder Foundry.