Company News and Bootcamp Blog Interview with Lawrence Reaves, President of Coder Foundry

We love chatting with our colleagues in the tech realm, and we're always thrilled when they want to interview Coder Foundry students, faculty and staff to get a better idea of what we do here.

Recently, the friendly folks over at LendLayer sat down with Coder Foundry President, Lawrence Reaves, to get his take on the state of the bootcamp movement, how Coder Foundry is carving out a path of our own, and a few other fun topics as well.

Here is a brief excerpt from the piece:

Coder Foundry dives a little deeper than that in regards to what they teach, and has a very robust and applicable curriculum. “Our curriculum right now is about MVC (front end Microsoft bootstrap, Visual Studio, CSS, and HTML) and Angular JS. There are two schools of thought out here, everyone’s learning MVC but some people are switching to Angular so we’re trying to fully prepare our students for everything
Not only are these students prepared with a strong knowledge base to buff up their resumes, but they also create create real-world projects to add to their portfolios. Coder Foundry students go into interviews knowing they can demonstrate everything they’re doing on their own. 
The curriculum is well defined, and the projects are hashed out before anyone comes in for the first day of class. According to Lawrence, “We have a rigorous curriculum we keep the student on. It’s not a make-your-own-project. That way we can make sure they learn and accomplish what we want them too. They start out doing bug trackers because every company has the common need to have bugs reported, tracked, and resolved. Then students then build a financial portal which is much more complex.

To read the full interview with Lawrence on the LendLayer blog, click here.