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Looking for a Career? Become a Professional Programmer

Are you a young, talented amateur programmer who has always been curious about taking your skills to the next level? Are you unsatisfied in your current profession and looking to make a change? Apply for the Coder Foundry's Master Class to start your new career in the world's most promising industry. 

There is currently a great demand for coders, but there aren't enough qualified candidates to fill the available positions. At the Coder Foundry, we equip you with the skills you need to become a valuable programmer then actively help you find your perfect company. 

Many people have been commenting on the enormous growth within the technological sector. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that a million coding jobs in the U.S. will be left vacant in the year 2020.

Our country needs computer specialists to continue to grow, so much so that even President Obama has entered the conversation. He's telling today's students that "computers are going to be a big part of your future," and urging these individuals to get involved in coding before they enter college.

The great thing about coding is that expertise in the industry doesn't require a college degree - simply intelligence, hard work and a natural curiosity. This widens the field considerably, because all sorts of people can take advantage of the movement, from recent high school and college grads to people making dramatic career changes. 

NPR reports, "Computer programmers and software developers already make more money than the average American — and while many jobs aren't coming back, the job outlook for programmers is great. [House Majority Leader Eric] Cantor says that coding is 'the necessary tool of this century.'"

If your dream is to start your career as a programmer, don't wait. Contact the Coder Foundry today.