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Student Success Stories: Math Major to Computer Programmer

Please join us in congratulating Andrew L., a graduate of Coder Foundry!

Andrew is one of the most talented students we've ever had, and we're honored that he would allow us to guide him on his career journey.

Andrew has a BA in Mathematics had some experience programming, but came to Coder Foundry to build a professional portfolio and work with our job placement services. 

Hear Andrew's story in his own words:

My name is Andrew Lawrence and I chose Coder Foundry because I wanted an environment that was structured in the way that people really learn programming.

Before I came to Coder Foundry I was working as a Junior .NET Developer.

I think Coder Foundry is a good fit for someone who is excited about programming and they believe they have the skills but just haven’t had the opportunity.

I would compare the learning philosophy here to “Learning By Doing” and figuring it out as you’re working with it and getting your hands dirty.

I chose Coder Foundry because I was looking for an environment where I could learn real world skills as a developer without the pressure of having to be performant on the job.