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Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 8.1, with Cortana

On April 2, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8.1, nicknamed "Blue," the latest update to its mobile operating system. The new OS features a host of added capabilities that should make it easier for app developers to create more useful, dynamic and entertaining programs. reports that one of the main hallmarks of 8.1 is its enhanced customization, which allows users and developers more control over the aesthetic design of their desktop icons and lock screen.

However, probably the most notable new feature is Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant. This new capability, similar to Siri on Apple iOS devices, may end up adding another dimension to software development.

Cortana has the same basic capabilities that many other digital assistants have, in the sense that, out of the box, she can take notes, schedule reminders, open email, make calls and surf the web. However, Microsoft is opening up Cortana for use by third party developers, which means that in the coming months, you could see a flood of new programs that take advantage of voice recognition to make your Windows phone more useful.

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