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Microsoft Releases "Code Hunt", a Game That Teaches Coding

The research and development arm of Microsoft has released a new game that is designed to teach programming to both beginners and advanced coders. The game, called "Code Hunt," has a very basic premise: To beat it, you need to solve puzzles by writing codes. As the game progresses, you learn new concepts and programming fundamentals.

"Code Hunt" offers users the opportunity to learn two very common languages, Java and C# (the language that we teach at The Coder Foundry). You can either pick one language to complete the game, or learn both by playing through it twice. It's playable in any browser, so you don't need to download software in order to try it out.

Coding games aren't exactly a new thing. Services such as Code Academy and the Kahn Academy offer programming lessons in a gamified setting, where you earn points as you progress through each module. They're a terrific way to introduce the main concepts of computer programming to those who think they may want to pursue programming jobs, which typically offer much higher earnings than positions in other industries.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that completing something like "Code Hunt" will only teach you basics, and won't exactly land you a high-paying job. What these programs are good for is introducing you to coding to see if it's something you might find interesting. For more in-depth and rewarding education, it's a better idea to enroll in software coding classes like those offered at The Coder Foundry. Not only will you become more adept at programming computers, you'll also have access to a recruiting services department that can help you secure a position after you finish the program.