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Microsoft Releases Developer Channel to Help Programmers Write Apps for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft's internet browser, has been losing market share to Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox for many years, and one reason is because the latter two programs have offered better development tools for third parties who write extensions for the browsers. This has led to a proliferation of useful add-ons that can be installed on a user's browser to give it more functionality.

Microsoft is apparently trying to undo this trend by opening its own developer channel for IE, which will let software developers see early versions of the next release. The new channel will provide coders with improved debugging capabilities and streamlined performance when writing new apps for the browser.

It's important for those who want to learn programming code to pay attention to releases like this, as they can be beneficial for software developers and help them choose the right platform for their ideas. Microsoft has been making efforts to support its developer community with improved tools like the IE Dev Channel because the company realizes that customers will come to rely more on its products if they feel that they can access the most useful and exciting programs.

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