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"Pivoting" is Central to the Success of the Tech Industry

One of the myths surrounding corporate culture is that professionals will spend most of their careers in one place. The fact is that almost everyone will change jobs at some point, whether it's because they found a higher-paying position or wanted a new challenge in a different industry. This concept, also referred to as "pivoting," is central to the technology sector.

TechCrunch recently highlighted some of the most famous "pivots" not by employees, but by major companies and startups that changed direction and found success in different areas than where they started. Some of their examples include:

  • Android: Before it was acquired by Google in 2005, Android was a company that designed operating systems for cameras. Now it's installed on a majority of smartphones.
  • Pinterest: This social network began as a shopping app called "Totes," which made it easier to track items on various online shopping sites. The company dropped the shopping aspect of its business model and instead allowed users to simply create online pinboards of their favorite viral discoveries. Now Pinterest has raised over $750 million from venture capitalists.
  • Twitter: This started out as a side project at a podcast company called Odeo, but now... it's Twitter.

If you work in the technology industry, you should always be thinking about how you can make a personal pivot to an area that you think will be more rewarding, either because the job is more fun or you'll make more money. One way to make this pivot is to build up your coding and programming skills so that you're more competitive on the job market. There's no better way to do this than to take the Masters Course at The Coder Foundry, which will teach you advanced topics in software design and development.