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Student Success Stories: Law Enforcement to Software Programming

Please join us in congratulating Sean S.!

Sean has a degree in Computer Science but spent the last decade working in law enforcement as a criminal investigator. He came to Coder Foundry to update his skills and dive back in the software programming industry. ean From

Starting from day one Sean took a professional, no nonsense approach to the class, and he proved to be one of the hardest working students we've ever graduated.

Watch Sean's story in his own words:

Before I came to Coder Foundry I was a law enforcement officer, I was a criminal investigator and a supervisor for the domestic violence unit. 
My teenage years was in the early pioneering days of “advanced” web design. So I already had a lot of it kind of under my belt. 
But when I got out of college the economy collapsed for engineers.
I came to Coder Foundry because I wanted to reignite my passion for development and resume my role in the programming industry. 
If you want to be here, you will invest yourself, you will immerse yourself as long as you need. This is not just a nine to five even though it says it is on paper. To get the most out of this place you really have to dig in deep. 
I found that the further I dug myself into the course, the more results I got out of the place. The more I learned the faster I built myself up. 
I love the idea that Coder Foundry gave you both sides of the coin. You got some front end but they give you a lot of backend. And that’s a really tough field to break into without someone to really help you along. 
So all the nitty gritty all the behind the curtain stuff - you get to see [The Wizard of] OZ in all of his glory. And this was a great place to actually do that, a safe environment to do that.  

A local newspaper interviewed Sean about his experience at Coder Foundry. You can read that here.