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SQL Server 2014 Includes Memory Support

The SQL Server is the world's premiere database engine and, as such, it's incredibly important for new coders to learn.

The 2014 SQL Server update was released to the public in April of this year and represents a major milestone in the programming world. The new version is incredibly impressive without being disruptive to your existing systems.

The new server offers encryption and compression for backed up data, which is perfect for small businesses without a large IT team. Information from all your databases can even be stored on a single cloud system, offering better protection than ever before.

Additionally, the SQL Server 2014 speeds up existing functionalities, optimizing efficiency without sacrificing power or capability.

"The result is a powerful and flexible database that can get the most from modern hardware," wrote tech journalist Simon Bisson for ZDNet, "and at the same time give you a route to delivering on the hybrid cloud promise, working with local and cloud data using familiar tools."

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