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Student Stories: From Convience Store Manager to Web Developer

Please join us in congratulating Chris R., a recent graduate of Coder Foundry!

Chris was already smart and ambitious when he heard about Coder Foundry. He enrolled in our coding bootcamp so he could update his programming skills and leave his job as a convenience store manager.

The instructors and staff at Coder Foundry are extremely proud of Chris and how much work he put into building his portfolio and preparing for the interviews we arranged for him.

Watch Chris tell his own story:


My name is Chris Rose and I came to Coder Foundry because I wanted to pursue my passion.
I was managing a convenience store restaurant. My coding skills were intermediate before I came to Coder Foundry. I did go to college for information sciences; I did have some programming background, just not where I needed to be to make a career out of it.
Everyone that came [to Coder Foundry] really has different skill sets, so being open with everyone in there was really helpful. People know how to do one thing, others know how to do something else. We help each other out a lot. 
Coding has been a passion of mine. It was just a matter of fact of putting things into place to get where I needed to be.

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