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Student Story: Anne Martinez

It's Student Stories Week at on our blog! Today, we'd like to link to the blog of a recent graduate, Anne Martinez, as she tell about her experience at Coder Foundry. Here's her answer to the question about whether or not coming to Coder Foundry was worthwhile:

As for me, the answer is yes, it was worth it. I learned a great deal in a relatively short time, including many of the things I really wanted to know. Even though I don’t think I’ll be working much with ASP.NET, many of the lessons learned are relevant no matter what the platform. The experience was all-consuming, and at times not quite what I wanted it to be, but the end result is undeniable: my tech skills have absolutely been upgraded.
— Anne Martinez, March 2015 Graduate

Click here to read her entire post. It's a well written and thoughtful analysis of her experience here, and we grateful she took the time out to write it.