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The #1 Reason Why Women Should Work in Tech - No Gender Pay Gap

According to widely reported statistics, women in the Unites States earn 77 cents for every dollar that men earn at their jobs.

It’s even worse for women in highly skilled jobs:

“A Wall Street Journal examination of pay in 446 major occupations found that women in many elite jobs earn well below men, with professions such as doctors, compensation managers and personal financial advisers among those showing the widest earnings gaps.”

There’s one exception to the wage gap trend - Tech Jobs.

“Gender plays no role in compensation for technology professionals. That statement may seem shocking, however according to analysis of Dice’s annual salary survey data of more than 16,000 tech professionals, when comparing equal education levels, years of technical experience and job title, no gap exists.”

The stats are clear. If you’re a woman and you want your hard work to be compensated for, a career in technology is the way to go.

At Coder Foundry we’re proud to be part of the career journey for so many women who want to break into the software industry.

Watch stories from just two of our female students. One is a former stay-at-home mother, and the other used to work in a factory. Both are now working as Full Stack Web Developers .