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Top 8 Reasons to Learn HTML5 Now

If you're a talented programming hopeful, consider learning HTML5 to expand your capabilities and boost your credentials. If you're not yet convinced of the merits of HTML5, here are some reasons you should change your mind: 

  1. Accessibility: HTML5 allows you to create widely accessible websites in short amounts of time. 
  2. Browser support: It functions on all major browsers, meaning less frustration and lost work time for you. 
  3. Elegant code: Its features help you to write clean, simple and efficient code that will get the job done.
  4. Gaming: HTML5 allows you to develop gaming software.
  5. Improved interface: This is the most interactive, user-friendly coding language yet developed. Its two-way, dynamic environment is designed with programmers in mind.
  6. Mobile: HTML5 is the go-to design tool for mobile websites and applications. With mobile devices becoming increasingly popular and prevalent, it only makes sense for you to know how to program for them. 
  7. Storage:  HTML5 storage utilizes a mix of cookies and client-side databases. For this reason, HTML5 tools make it possible for apps to function without resorting to third-party plugins. It also features more secure safety measures than other programs.
  8. Video and audio: The built-in visual and auditory features can greatly enhance your web experience.

If you hope to embark on a successful coding career it would be wise to join the Coder Foundry and learn HTML5 as soon as possible. Enroll in our 12-week Master Class and we will build on your knowledge base and help you become an expert in the field. The skills you learn with us will allow you to go anywhere, and we promise to actively assist you in finding and landing your dream coding job.