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Want to Make a Difference? Learn to Code

Often, when technology professionals talk about the benefits of learning how to code, they list a number of advantages for the student, including the increased likelihood of landing a high-paying job in the future and expanding their skillset. Those are certainly very important and tangible benefits to learning computer programming, but for many people, their goal in life is to help others. They may wonder whether learning computer code will help them achieve this objective.

A recent story about how technology is helping children overcome autism may provide the answer. Local affiliate Fox 59 reports that at Damar Services in Indianapolis, Indiana, employees are using iPads to help those with severe autism communicate. Many children and adults who live at the center are unable to speak, so Damar created an iPad app that allows them to talk to their friends, family and educators.

The staff at Damar are quick to point out that technology isn't a solution in and of itself, but rather can be useful when implemented strategically along with other treatment programs.

"We want to make sure parents don't just grab onto an app on an iPad and begin using that with their children," Dr. Jim Dalton, Damar President and CEO, told the source. "What we really recommend is a good assessment from a professional that helps parents match the needs of their children with the technology that's available."

It's true that quite a few computer programs these days are used for things like gaming and entertainment. But there is also massive demand for computer programs that can improve the quality of life for those who are afflicted with serious illnesses and disorders. If you're interested in contributing to this field of software development but don't currently have the skills that would allow you to do that, we highly recommend enrolling in classes where you can learn about programming. At The Coder Foundry, located in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina, we can provide you with the knowledge you need to acquire a job that will make a difference in the lives of others!